beginning to create video footage

The video below is a sort of trailer.  I have begun to play with a story that did my social media rounds about two months ago.  So below is the teaser and a full(er)-length film is not far behind.

First, I played with some images from the writing and then figured out I could ‘animate’ the photos I took using i-movie and it all got a bit… more complicated than I planned to.  Or, perhaps, the story pulled more commitment out of me than I had anticipated.  It’s not story-telling or collaboration the way I’ve been doing it so far in the sandpit but more of an extended challenge, I guess.

The whole thing is an experiment on the relationship between narration and image and where the two need to match, or contrast or just be silent, still or empty.  There’s lots I’m unsure about with this one.  As a learning opportunity, and a discipline, especially in recreating images, though, it has been invaluable.

The context to all of this, if you need it, is this Tumblr thread, which got extended by other clever people this way and then went viral.  The idea grabbed me and I did some preliminary stuff. And then I asked the two creators of the thread (Lyraeon and Kyraneko) and they were happy to let me play in their sandpit.  It is a wonderful thing to find open-hearted people who are willing to let others pick up the grains of their inspiration and play.

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