The first rough cut…


This wasn’t the first draft.  The actual first draft only used still images, had several key scenes missing, no music and the narration was a little less… warm? I guess?  It provided a really good storyboard for the development of this thing, but it’s not something anyone really needs to see.

I was happy enough with this iteration for it to be the first, official, ‘rough cut’ and to share it as a draft.  It still missed some key scenes.  And there were moments I looked forward to animating and not just leaving as static pictures, even if it was a quite subtle addition.  But, so far – so good.

As always, many thanks to the other creatives involved for their generosity and for allowing me to move my toys to their sandpit for a while – @lyreon, @ kyraneko (the writers) and Alexander Blu (the composer) and Jon Swabey who shared the story/collaboration with me in the first place.

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