feedback, testimonials and reviews

This section is a little sparse.  I’m quite clearly really rubbish at collecting enough written feedback to share.  I shall definitely try to improve.  If you are visiting and have a comment you would like to share and are happy for it to published here, please do.  All feedback is cheerfully sought and valued.

Feedback from the story crafting workshop at the Oakleigh Library in April 2018:

Brilliant work by the library to arrange this wonderful session during the holidays.  We loved it and especially the story teller, Anke.  She is awesome and she can patiently take ideas and collaborate in a fun way.  Thank you. (Hanaa Korji and Mum Naveen)

“Very nice and creative story telling.  My kid and I enjoyed it a lot.  Very nice idea.  Thanks for arranging this.” (Ishin and mum Shuchi)

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