Perc.u.lations – Poetry and Spoken Word at Kafé on Hemmings

Welcome to Perculations!

Perc.u.lations is affiliated with Radio Laria.

Our Poetry and Spoken Word events will be held every second Saturday of the month at 3 p.m., beginning January 14th, 2023.

Our Feature for February is the delightful and delicious Amy Dorothy. Amy is a queer, disabled poet living in the City of Casey. She has been writing for over a decade and recently made the transition from written poetry to spoken word. Much of her work focuses on interpersonal relationships and her connection to natural spaces. Through processing themes like cumulative grief, social isolation, self-advocacy, found family, and queer pride, Amy is able to explore the concept of creating and recreating one’s self over the years and celebrate the impact that people and places have had on the person she is today.

An open mic is held at this event for as many poets as we can squeeze in before and after our feature. This gig will celebrate young poets (the Little Aesthetics program for anyone 12 and under) as well as people who read the works of other poets (the Rhetorical Recreation Society). If you have work you would like other people to present, you will always find readers who will cheerfully read for you as well. Feel free to ‘spruik’ any other gigs you have going too.

The venue for Perc.u.lations is the wonderfully generous Kafé on Hemmings (86 Hemmings St), in Dandenong. about a 15-minute walk from either Dandenong or Yarraman train stations. Buses run from the train stations as well. There is also handy, free parking available behind the medical centre on the opposite corner.

Perc.u.lations  takes place on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. Sovereignty was never ceded and we extend our respects to Indigenous elders past, present, and emerging. We recognise the first nations and languages that have shaped the land on which we stand for tens of thousands of years, and wish only to add to this deep history of the transmission of knowledge through the spoken word.

Perc.u.lations is committed to highlighting the voices of women, gender-diverse, and non-binary poets.  50% or more of all features throughout the year will be women, however, men are also encouraged to apply to this event as there are few regular events of this type in our area. The open mic is open to anyone, just be aware that the nature of the location and time slot means any content will need to be PG rated.

This event is ticketed using ‘Pay as you Feel’ via Eventbrite, as the Kafé will continue serving the general public, and the closing of the area isn’t possible. This way even walk-in traffic can contribute. All proceeds go to our featuring artist(s).

The Eventbrite link is here:

Other ways to stay in contact with Perc.u.lations include FaceBook. Click here to join the group. Alternatively, you can email with any questions or queries.

There is also a google form you can fill out to ask to feature at Perc.u.lations. You can find the form directly by clicking on this link.

Be there or be prose. (Actually, prose is fine too.)

– anke

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