[If you are curious about the process used to create these videos, you can find more detailed entries in this website’s blog.]

This first video was an improvisation of an hour or so, to develop a story-telling process for a library holiday workshop.  As I moved from image to image, I documented the process with photos.   I found myself shifting shapes, switching between perspectives, and documenting multiple experiences.  The audio was recorded in Dandenong.  Looking back on the process, it still surprises me.  The narrative inherent in this work is unintentional but it has been speaking to me more and more over time.  (CC-NC-ND-4.0)


Perhaps the best example of where my sandpit is, what it looks like and how it works, is this piece.  The poem, a musing about the nature of sand, was written as part of The Dirty Thirty poetry challenge, which is the creation of Abdulrahman Hammoud.

The two sounds you here in the background are the alpha of sand – waves rustling the coral branches which make the beach of Visale in the Solomon Islands; and the omega: the resonant and visceral hum of singing sand dunes.



I am hugely honoured by the following collaboration which led to the creation of this video.  Farah Beaini is a magical Melbourne “spoken word poet and writer, interested in exploring stories of identity and belonging in an age of constant movement“.  She embraces courage and compassion in equal measure and with the finest of touches.

The Taming Hyena project is a deeply personal story with long, historical roots – and to be able to imagine, illustrate and frame this work using sand and light has been an incredible privilege.

For any use of this piece, please contact for Farah herself for permission (or contact me and I will put you in touch).

This next one is animated fantasy using sand on an overhead projector and was designed mainly as an homage to the original story, an exercise in storytelling and an attempt to explore how what I do can be translated to something more concrete and less ephemeral.

It was photographed and recorded with an iPhone and edited using iMovie, GarageBand and Audacity and it is based on a story by @Lyraeon and @Kyraneko.  It was illustrated and narrated with their permission and the music is by Alexander Blu.

The next is a short trailer I made for the previous film.

At the end of 2017, I ran a reflection exercise in preparation for a friendly, neighbourhood participatory art exercise on New Year’s Eve.  The following one-minute animation was the result of this exercise and is my illustration of my mother’s reflection of a significant experience that year:


This last one is just a bit of an experiment before the rain came and washed us out at Halloween…


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